The Founder/Press

After the self expungement of 6 cannabis-related charges, she relocated to Portland, OR. in 2016 from Baltimore, MD. to navigate the developing legal cannabis industry with her culinary skillsHer goal was to move beyond recreational cannabis and journey into her chosen career path by gaining knowledge & understanding of cannabinoids and terpenoids as medicine. 

"Working with plants has aligned me into my purpose."

-M. DEE 

"Working with this sacred plant has been the most defining and important highlight of my career as it has aligned me with my purpose. As a black queer woman and war on drugs veteran, I am a pioneer of futuristic cannabis, legalization, and normalization developing globally."

-Megon Dee

Megon Dee's continued work of challenging one's beliefs about cannabis & hemp as medicine has led her to the purposeful creation of our products using plant medicine and guided wellness routine integration.

Her focus is to continue gaining knowledge of the effects of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and plant Medicine in relation to helping others reclaim their health and healing for specific ailments such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, post-partum, chronic pain and cancer. Optimal wellness integration using cannabinoids and terpenoids are the choice tools for Oracle Wellness Co. products.

She advocates for full cannabis legalization and normalization in America through education with intentions to motivate the expungement of disproportionate cannabis convictions, misdemeanors, and felonies with-in black and brown communities because of discriminatory laws due to the blanketed method of assault known as the war-on-drugs.

She publicly is an active advocate for canna-moms and integrating cannabinoids into the birthing process. Developing a CBD tincture and applying it to the birthing process of her daughter allowed her to reclaim her human experience without intrusive medications.

She has recently developed the Oracle Wellness Co. Cannacademy, an accessible online course series that offers trustworthy information for anyone interested in working within the cannabis space and guidance on an educational journey through using cannabis plant medicine.