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in December, I had an MRI and a cryoablation done. They found that the original growth of my tumor had shrunk, and they were able to treat the new area entirely. Since then, I (stupidly) stopped using the salve, thinking I was all set, because honestly I'm just not a fan of the smell and it tends to get all over my sheets, etc. when I wear it to bed. About a month or two ago, I noticed that the newer growth was starting to get bigger, and it's visibly much larger than it previously was, so I've started using it again, wearing a wrap sort of thing around my knee when I put it on. Here's hoping it works its magic again <3 I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have this as a treatment option, and your cbd has been a lifesaver given the effects of the pandemic, the US basically falling apart, and home life have had on my mental health. Thanks for all you do!


Happy Day! Talk about come through. I was involved in a bicycle accident in July that left with two herniated disc and did not want to put on any medication. I did hot/ice rituals, stretched/yoga, and used both the the 'Uplift' and 'Sedate' Tincture, the Hemp CBD oil- formula 005, and the Salve. With these resources I am very grateful. My mood has been lighter (i was in about of anxiety and mood changes), the salve assistant with slight pain tingles I have in my hip and back. All four get used regularly to aided in my journey to wellness.


I started using CBD oil after my recent surgery and it has been a life saver! It helped me wean myself off my prescription painkillers, reduce anxiety as I go through my recovery. My overall well-being and mood during my breast cancer journey has been improved dramatically! I recommend this to anyone as they transition in life, have anxiety issues or other body ailments that may benefit from using CBD. A drop will do in your tea or on your tongue. I’m very happy with the results.

Shanita Starks

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